Dani's First Visitors

At the Hospital...

Dani with Auntie Claire. I think Dani looks more like her auntie than either of her parents!

Michelle's co-workers, Amy, Lorena, Jessica and Elizabeth came to visit.

With Lorena.

With Lola Myrna.

With Lola Nelly.

With great-grandmother Stella.

With Auntie May.

Randall was more interested in his video game! :-)

All this attention!

With Mikie!

At Home...

With Anand, Connie, and August.

Anand is already a masterful Dad. He may have set the bar too high!

I'm not the only photog!

August wants to touch!

Amazingly, Amer made it down to the valley from San Francisco! Dani doesn't yet appreciate how big an honor this is! :-)

With Sophie

With Essam and Sophie.

With Jacint and Renee

With Cecile and Tomas