Introducing Danielle Maropeng Molotsi

Dani gets wiped down right after her birth

Seven pounds seven ounces

Twenty inches long

Dani held by nurse Theresa airs her lungs out

Michelle gets to see her baby girl's face for the first time.

Our first family photo.

We're grateful to Dr. Grolle for delivering Dani. Our OB Dr. Gretkowski was off today but he did a great job.

After her first bath

"The bath was I can nap."

Marco and Julie paid a visit.

Proscy is a grandmother! Who would believe it?

Dani with her grandmother and great-grandmother.

Oh what joy!

Essam also stopped by. Is he clean enough to hold our baby?!!!

Proud papa!

Oh oh, that looks like my dad's scowl. Maybe enough photos for now...